The Whispering Cairn

Basically our erstwhile heroes cleared out large portions of the Whispering Cairn, discovering riches, long dead Pathfinders and a ball pit complete with dead ghost boy and an aberrant worm creature.

Having struck a deal with the lingering spirit of Alastor Land, they agreed to lay his remains to rest with his family, only to discover that the graves in question had been dug up by local toughs. They tracked the signs of grave robbery and such to the lair of an owlbear in a nearby ruined farmstead, where they found clues indicating that the men were billy-boys in the employ of local mine manager Balabar Smenk. After spectacularly slaughtering the owl bear, they sold it’s only surviving cub/hatchling to the local freak show for large sums of money.

This is where things went wrong. Seeking to right the wrongs of the toughs and see the remains of the Land family returned to the good earth, they confront them in a local bar with no plan other than to be a little cheeky and basically dare them to start something in public. The toughs do. The four toughs then slaughter the so far indomitable adventurers and leave them for dead in a back alley. None of the party die, but not due to a lack of trying, one half-orc barbarian does, however. (Awful rolls for the majority of this fight led to a long painful loss.)

At this point morale is low and the adventurers have a falling out over Gracchius’ plan being somewhat stupid and short sighted, and whether or not he owes people money for items they lost due to the fight. Harsh words are said and the party splits up to their homes in order to nurse their wounds, planning to later regroup and find the corpses and finish with the Cairn.

Important NPCs: Quotes:
  • Jason: “That’s not a trap! It’s looking at me!”
    Cole: “Strangler!”
  • Jason: “Who builds a toilet in a tomb?”
  • Damon: “You know, the brown mold looks pretty good compared to those bugs.”
  • Mo: “We got knocked up pretty good.”
    Jason: “I was just checking for traps!”
    Damon: “I don’t think a healing potion will help you.”
  • Jason: “I found the weak spot!”
    Cole: “I hate you!”
  • Jason: “I search the balls.”
  • Cole, Damon, Mo: “Owlbear!!!!!”
  • Jason “I just want to point out here: corpses in a wheelbarrow are not worth a lot of money.”
  • Cole: “We close the stairs.”
  • Russell: “Cole is useful! The table is surprised!”
  • Damon: “I made a character kind of like this once.” Russell: “And nobody cares.”

Noteworthy Events:

  • Christy: 1
  • Cole: 1
  • Jason: 1
  • Mo: 1
  • Damon: .5 (Charmed and Released)

The Whispering Cairn

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