The Pact Stone Pyramid

The Pathfinders were sent out to delay an excavation of the lost pyramid of Ahn’Selota, the fabled pyramid that held the Pact Stone the Four Pharaohs of Ascension used to power their ancient magic. A sage named Hoffenburrow caught wind that ancient seeds of long extinct plants could be found within the pyramid, and Ezren’s party was to slow the dig until he could arrive.

Meeting up with the Mithral Scarab, disguised as a slave girl, they discovered the leader of the expedition, Exemplar Khymrasa, wanted to recover the Pact Stone to destroy it, believing it would resurrect three of the four ancient pharoahs. House Thrune of Cheliax was pursuing an alliance with Khymrasa as well. Master Soan of the Shrine of Horns along with his Asmodean monks had arrived to support the Exemplar’s slave army. She also hired Her Majestrix’s Expeditionary on as retainers, along with a powerful diviner known as the Sand Sage.

The party plotted to spread destruction across the dig site, attributing it to the “pharoahs’ curse.” They collapsed the digging platforms and sand piles, and ambushed several guards at the graveyard. However, they made the mistake of hiding within a rope trick within the dig site, and it didn’t take long before the Sand Sage discovered them. Droogi and Merisiel escaped, but the others were captured and taken hostage. Julistar tortured and interrogated the Pathfinders, but got little information from them while the half-orc and elf continued to sow destruction.

Eventually, Khyrmasa contacted the two with an offer: cease the attacks on the dig site and agree to explore the pyramid for her and recover the Pact Stone, and she would release their friends and let them go free. They agreed, and the five adventurers entered the pyramid.

Dealing with a myriad deadly traps, the adventurers delved into the pyramid and recovered the seeds the Pathfinders were looking for. They also dealt with Suekahn, an ancient fiend the pharoahs had bound there to protect the Pact Stone. Unfortunately, they discovered the Pact Stone itself was a massive thing lodged in the ground, a small portion of which made up the floor of one chamber. Wary of its powers, the adventurers left well enough alone and exited the pyramid.

Upon leaving, they found the Exemplar was prepared to take the Pact Stone from them by force if necessary. They bluffed her into thinking they hadn’t found anything for her inside, and she thanked them for clearing the traps out for her group and let them go on their way. They came upon Master Soan outside of the digsite. The Chelaxian monk had captured the Mithral Scarab and Hoffenburrow and planned to ambush the adventurers, but the party swiftly dealt with them and rescued their fellow Pathfinders. They returned to Sothis, intent on exposing Khymrasa’s to the government so they could arrest her before she could determine how to use the Pact Stone to her advantage.

The PCs:
  • Droogi Amus, Half-orc Druid
  • Ezren, Human Wizard
  • Krieg, Dwarf Fighter
  • Leona Foxglove, Human Sorcerer
  • Kyra, Cleric of Sarenrae
  • Merisiel, Elven Rogue
Important NPCs:

The Pact Stone Pyramid

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