Entombed with the Pharaohs

Once, long ago, four dynasties contending for supremacy divided Osirion’s people. As the internal squabbling expended the nation’s resources, Osirion became vulnerable to invasion by its neighbors. To avert catastrophe, the four tyrants came together in a solemn pact, forming a powerful junta of pharaohs. Initially, the suspicious emperors employed a regimented circuit of shield other spells to limit the risk of backstabbing and secure each other’s loyalty. Later, as their paranoia grew, the pharaohs magically bound their destinies together. With the alliance complete, Osirion prospered, conquering its neighbors and bringing back their people as slaves to raise monuments dedicated to the glory of the four pharaohs. Many of the children of Osirion can still name the Four Pharaohs of Ascension: Ankana (the Radiant Pharaoh), the Pharaoh of Numbers, the Cerulean Pharaoh, and Hetshepsu (the Fiend Pharaoh).

After decades of prosperity, one of the tyrants fell ill to an incurable disease. Due to the nature of the spells that bound their life forces together, they could not differentiate between the truly ill pharaoh and the three doomed to the grave by the irrevocable magic of their pact. For a time, it seemed their nation would tear itself apart with internal strife, but after they put down Hetshepsu’s rebellion and stripped him of his power, the other three came to their senses. Rather than destroy everything they had worked so hard to build, they elected to spend their last few years erecting a monument the likes of which had never been seen in Osirion. They constructed a pyramid complex worthy of encasing their mortal flesh while their spirits rose to take their places among the gods.

The pyramid was sent to a demiplane, only to be recalled by the funeral mask of the Four Pharaohs. The pyramid was forgotten for many years, until in 4709 AR, the wandering planet Aucturn once more came into alignment with Golarion. The subtle gravitational differences in the desert sent elementals of air and sand into a frenzy, shifting thousands of tons of sand and unearthing the material anchor for the pyramid.

A group of Pathfinders led by the wizard Ezren arrived in Osirion’s capital of Sothis to meet with the Mithral Scarab. She arranged a meeting with a man named Raegos, the only survivor of a failed expedition to the pyramid 56 years ago. He told of the mask that would recall the pyramid, and of the curse of the four runes. Any who saw the four personal runes of the pharaohs would be transformed into an eternal undead guardian of the tomb.

The Pathfinders were not the only group looking to explore the pyramid, though. Her Majestrix’s Expeditionary was a party of explorers based out of Cheliax. Their meembers spied on the meeting and learned of the mask’s location. They were able to steal the mask before the Pathfinders could acquire it, and so Ezren’s group was forced to set out into the desert in pursuit of the Expeditionary.

The Pathfinders followed the Expeditionary into the pyramid, each seeking to foil the other’s plans at every turn. However, it soon became apparent that both groups were trapped within the tomb by powerful magic, and so they were forced to put aside their differences and work together to escape with their lives. The Pathfinders emerged with the lion’s share of the treasure, but allowed Paracount Julistar to purchase some of the lesser treasures so that he would not go back home empty-handed. Still, the Expeditionary holds a grudge for being shown up by the other adventurers.

The PCs:
  • Droogi Amus, Half-orc Druid
  • Ezren, Human Wizard
  • Krieg, Dwarf Fighter
  • Kyra, Cleric of Sarenrae
Important NPCs: Quotes:
  • Guard: “Poisonous arrows are not illegal.”
    Krieg: “That is culturally f*ed up! You probably circumcise your women!”
  • Ezren: “There were four pharaohs many, many years ago! ...this may take a while. You should probably get a snack.”
  • Droogi: “Obviously the answer is to knock him unconscious!”
  • Xaven: “What happened to the half-orc?”
    Krieg: “Ate him.”
  • Grumb the Bear: “I LOVE YOU!”

Interestingly characters were made and chosen based on a hat draw where each player recieved a classic party achetype: Tank, DPS,Healer or Arcanist. This left a slight hole in party effectiveness when it came to rogueish skill checks. However, party balance definitely paid out when inside the pyramid. Therefore hat draw may be put forth as a campaign limit in the future.

Entombed with the Pharaohs

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