Curse of the Crimson Throne

In 4708 AR, King Eodred’s death plunged Korvosa into chaos. Queen Ileosa Arabasti ascended to the throne, having been corrupted by the Crown of Fangs, an ancient artifact that contained a portion of the spirit of Kazavon. Ileosa used the Red Mantis to unleash the blood veil plague upon the city, devastating its population. She instituted martial law and ultimately enaged a plan to achieve immortality by sacrificing thousands of citizens to the Everdawn Pool.

A group of adventurers from Korvosa discovered the truth behind Ileosa’s corruption, and traveled through the Cinderlands and into Scarwall to recover the holy blade Serithtial. Confronting Ileosa in the Sunken Queen, they slew the queen and stopped Kazavon from being reborn into the world.

The PCs:
  • Marus, Shoanti Barbarian
  • Dal Arsiv, Avenging Executioner
  • Hellknight
  • Gnome Beguiler
  • Halfling Druid
  • Cleric of Asmodeus
The Adventures:


Curse of the Crimson Throne

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