Lonicera Moonthrush

Cunning daughter of an Osirioni ambassador


A beautiful woman from Osirion, sleek, sly, and manipulative.


The daughter of an Osirion ambassador to Cheliax—a man deeply in the pocket of the Merfolk Collective—Lonicera learned early in life that manipulation is the key to prosperity. Master of the long con, this gorgeous liar views allegiance as a fluid concept. The Expeditionary frequently pretends she’s their prisoner so that, once rescued, she might infiltrate the Expeditionary’s opponents. What Julistar and his men fail to appreciate is that she’s quite happy to switch sides for real if, in her assessment, the Expeditionary will ultimately be the on the losing side. So far, Julistar has managed to secure her loyalty with a promise of a title of nobility from Cheliax.

Lonicera Moonthrush

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