Hrokon the Assailant

Calculating half-orc killer


Hrokon’s blood-splattered tower shield is in the distinctive shape of a sarcophagus lid. The shuttered arrow slit in the shield’s center enables Hrokon to fire a poisoned bolt from his hand crossbow from cover before he closes with his blade. Hrokon always wears his trademark cowl, a hood made from jet-black dragon hide.


After an undistinguished but bloody career as a Nexian shock trooper, Hrokon retired for the profitable yet relatively easy life of a guild enforcer in Absalom. There, Hrokon was later liberated from his accruing boredom by the halfling Xaven, who promised the half-orc a life of high adventure tempered by the occasional spat of senseless violence. Seven years later, the two have remained inseparable comrades, each addicted to the singular rush of surviving a trap-filled tomb.

Contrary to the half-orc stereotype, Hrokon is far from dim. He’s a cagey, calculated killer who just happens to be able to mix it up with his scimitar when the need arises.

Hrokon the Assailant

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