Brooding sharpshooter


This brooding sharpshooter sports a bandolier of custom-crafted magic wands.


Scepter was once a celebrated Pathfinder, the protege of the famed Pathfinder, Kal Tarrow. Scepter, however, inexplicably abandoned the society in favor of the life of a freelance evoker assassin, pilfering several trade secrets and leaving a pair of blasted bodies in his wake. After his betrayal, he purchased a hat of disguise and assumed his new identity. After much traveling, Scepter eventually found a home as Julistar’s private sniper and has since gravitated to the lucrative lifestyle of an antiquities liberator.

While exploring the Pyramid of the Four Pharaohs of the Ascension, he unleashed the embalmed organs of Hetshepsu, the Fiend Pharaoh, in an attempt to kill Ezren and his fellow Pathfinders. However, the organ swarms made short work of him, slaying him before Ezren’s group managed to destroy them. Julistar recovered Scepter’s body and departed with it.


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