Xaven Neversword

Daring tomb robber


A spry-yet-solidly-built, bald halfling. His leather armor is studded with the razored gears of the various mechanical traps he’s disassembled over the years.


This hardcore, wisecracking tomb raider has spent so much time outwitting the traps of the dead he’s begun to lose his grip on reality. Xaven has pilfered tombs and mausoleums clear across the globe, and at least half the civilized nations of Golarion have posted bounties for his capture. For Neversword, the closer his brush with death the more amusing the caper.

Xaven first pledged his fealty to Her Majestrix’s Expeditionary after Julistar used a scroll to raise his recovered corpse from a Hall of Fallen Warriors in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, where Xaven was lacerated to death by the tomb’s undead guardians. Undeterred, Xaven subsequently returned and cleaned out the hall. Although Xaven has since paid off his debt to Julistar, he has agreed to stick around.

Xaven Neversword

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