Paracount Julistar

Demicardinal of Asmodeus and paracount of House Thrune


Cloistered cleric of Asmodeus


Hailing from the diabolical empire of Cheliax, this dedicated Osirionologist has but two passions in life: archaeology and the accumulation of power within Cheliax’s ruling faction, the Thrice- Damned House of Thrune. Julistar’s cross-appointment as both a demicardinal of Asmodeus and as the curator of Thrune’s most prestigious museum, the Grand Athenaeum, enables him to combine his two greatest loves. As he increases the value of the museum’s legendary collection, his reputation and stature within Thrune grows commensurately. Accordingly, Julistar stops at nothing to secure the most sought-after treasures for his queen, the Infernal Majestrix.

Julistar has studied with fascination the works of one of his predecessors, Paracount Imivus, a famed Chelish historian who, five decades ago, failed to return from a relic hunt in Osirion. It was the articles penned by Imivus that first ignited Julistar’s obsession with the lore of Hetshepsu the Fiend Pharaoh. Julistar fervently believes that Hetshepsu embodies the greatest attributes of Chelish rulership and that the pharaoh’s infernal ancestry might trace back to the same branch that blesses House Thrune.

Recently bestowed with the lower-nobility title of Paracount himself, Julistar carefully assembled a private team of profiteers from across the globe to pick up where Imivus left off. Fanatical yet suave, Julistar is an archetype of his fellow countrymen, a tribute to the devils that have manipulated the damned nation of Cheliax since its conversion.

Paracount Julistar

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