Sage of Diamond Lake


A middle-aged man with a great big bushy beard!


Allustan studied at the University of Magical Arts in Nex, where his apt scholarship and bravado caught the attention of a powerful master wizard named Manzorian, one of the Three and the Nine. Manzorian offered to take Allustan on as his apprentice, assuring him a life of thrills and discovery. What he got was a window into a world of manipulative chessmasters willing to backstab trusted friends in order to honor abstract principles of balance and neutrality. Though he thrived in the company of Manzorian and his ilk, the politics proved too much to handle, and he split with the group more than a decade ago after a bitter ethical dispute.

He retired to Diamond Lake, only to find his inept brother, Lanod Neff, in charge and facing challenges from all sides. So he remains, knowing his presence supports a corrupt leader but unwilling to throw his family to the wolves. The same political disinterest that got him into trouble with Manzorian keeps him from seeing the worst of his brother’s offenses.


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