Tiefling ex-pirate and freakshow attraction.


Ranger 3/Fighter 3

Feats: Endurance, Exotic Weapon Prof.: Whip, Weapon Finesse, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Dodge, and Mobility.

Special Abilities: Track, Favored Enemy: Aberrations, Darkness 20’ 1/day.

Currently specializing in the “give your friends attacks of opportunity” school of fighting.


A former member of various pirate ships in Riddleport, Gracchius is the unfortunate result of his Chelaxian mother bargaining off her firstborn to a devil in an elaborate power-play. Needless to say, this did not work out to anyone’s taste. Despite the interest in his actions from his fiendish family tree, Gracchius was able to escape his fmaily and fled to Riddleport, where his appearance was better forgotten.

Naturally, his personality, lack of fear and do-gooder tendencies meant he soon found reason to leave Riddleport for a while resulting in him appearing as a sideshow attraction in a mining boom town near Diamond Lake as the “Amazing Demon Boy,” where he does fire-eating (which requires no skill on his part due to his fiendish heritage) and whip tricks to entertain the rubes.

He has made few friends outside the circus, most notable amongst them the apprentice of the local wizard and an elf mine agent who plays in his regular poker game. The local paladins of Iomedae tend to keep an eye on him, a wariness he returns twofold.


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