Samaritha Beldusk

Up-and-coming cyphermage


An attractive half-elven woman with fiery red hair. Varisian tattoos adorn her forehead and cheek.


Samaritha was a transmuter from Magnimar. She came to Riddleport hoping to be taken on as an apprentice in the Order of the Cypher. The cyphermages were engrossed in their study of the strange Blot that had appeared over the city, and Samaritha’s initial efforts were rebuffed. She took on a job as a waitress at the Gold Goblin to make ends meet, where she met Garant. The two had a brief relationship.

After a few weeks, a cyphermage named Fenella accepted her as an apprentice, and she left the Goblin. When the falling star struck Devil’s Elbow, she and her master were among the cyphermages who traveled to the island to investigate. However, soon after arriving, their camp was attacked by a horde of akatas that had rode the meteorite down to Golarion. Garant and his allies rescued her and helped her return to Riddleport safely.

Samaritha Beldusk

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