Allevrah Azrinae

Drow mastermind, matron of House Azrinae and cleric of Abraxas


A statuesque beauty dressed in shimmering chainmail, wielding a demonic shield in one hand and a writhing scaly whip in the other. Her right ear, clipped off halfway down its length in a decisive battle against an enemy she’s long forgotten in her previous life as an elf, is the only feature one who knew her in her former life could use to identify her.


Allevrah was an elven cleric of Nethys who turned to sources both dire and vile in her search for a solution to the embarrassing blight of drow hidden deep underground. Her faith was already faltering due to the perception that Nethys’s dogma was too obsessed with the balance of magic, and a reticence to utilize all the tools at one’s disposal to solve a problem. That certain rituals and avenues of research were considered taboo to the faith enraged her, and increasingly she turned to these forbidden texts. In one such nameless tome, she came upon the first hints of the earthfall glyph, and in pursuing this line of clues, she not only reconstructed the magic the aboleths used to destroy a continent so long ago, but she fell into the clutches of the one who had taken pains to see such destructive secrets preserved in the first place—Abraxas, the demon lord of forbidden knowledge.

In following the teachings of Abraxas, Allevrah quickly found that the demon lord’s approach to magical secrets very much mirrored her own greed for power. Her fall from Nethys’s grace was subtle, and her kin in the Winter Council, absorbed as they were with their own projects, had no warning of the change in her demeanor. When she finally cracked the glyph codes and comprehended the construction of the earthfall glyphs, Allevrah presented her findings to the Winter Council and suggested they use the magic to strike at the portions of Golarion where drow cities were hidden to collapse their cities and disrupt their worlds. While one of the other councilors—the wizard Hialin—seemed to be intrigued by her plan, the rest were shocked and sickened that she could be so blasé about sacrificing such significant portions of Nirmathas, Varisia, Cheliax, Druma, and Andoran. With Allevrah’s burgeoning devotion to Abraxas, the resulting argument swiftly developed into bloodshed, and the enraged Allevrah struck down the leader of the Winter Council with a destruction spell, an act that proved to be the final tipping point that triggered the Dark Fate—Allevrah transformed into a drow.

Stunned into paralysis by these turns of events, the remaining councilors did nothing while Allevrah deactivated the wards that protected the Council’s fortress of Thorn’s End from the demons in the surrounding forest. In the chaos that followed, Allevrah gathered much of her research and fled. At first traumatized by her transformation, Allevrah swiftly came to see it as a gift from Abraxas. A gift, and an omen. She was not placed on Golarion to destroy the drow, but to destroy those who had been, however inadvertently, responsible for creating them. By leaving so many elves behind, the elven nation had damned the survivors of Celwynvian to this fate, and they had weathered the Age of Darkness whereas the elves had fled—the drow, Allevrah realized, were the true heritors of Golarion, not the elves. And armed with her knowledge of the earthfall glyphs, she knew she could seize a position of power among their kind and give them the revenge they so deserved.

Allevrah nearly achieved her goals, but was stopped at the eleventh hour by a band of adventurers from Riddleport. She and her minions put up a valiant fight, slaying all but one of them, an elven paladin devoted to Iomedae. Forced to flee, Allevrah sought aid from Abraxas’ herald, a powerful marilith named Alistraxia. The marilith refused, however. Abraxas only cared that the aboleth glyph magic was reintroduced to the world; it mattered not to him whether Allevrah’s plot succeeded or failed. Allevrah returned to confront the paladin just as he destroyed the master glyph, sealing the drow’s fate. She had only a moment of horror to contemplate her failure before Abraxas claimed her soul, consuming her body in a blast of demonic green fire.

Allevrah Azrinae

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