The Three Winds: Pathfinder Chronicles

Age of Worms: Session 4

I am bad at blogging!

To date the adventurous group from Crystal Lake continue to root out the corruption at the heart of the town. They track down possible involvement in the corpse trade to the mines of Ragnolin Dourstone. Once they receive the aid from local townsmen in gaining a warrant and shutting down the mine’s operations. This naturally leads to a closer inspection of the mine itself. They are somewhat unsurprised to find three complexes worshiping Asmodeus, Norgorber and Rovagug. After fighting the Tieflings and other cultists that defend the complex, they realize that they have released the avatar of some prophetic triune deity. Needless to say the unfortunate few trapped within the cave are nonplussed, wishing as they did to return home to warm baths and general gloating over having ruined Balabar Smenk in return for his aid to these cultists. Nontheless, only moderately daunted, the five manage to pull off an unlikely victory over the fiendish, eldritch crab-demon-thing.

Then they had drinks.

Clues led our victors to a retired wizard living on the border of the Mushfens, home of the Boggards. Once reaching the tower where the wizard makes her home amongst a garrison of guards from Magnimar, they discover the tower under siege from a tribe of Boggards.

Needless to say the squards of frogmen fall rapidly to sword, wolf and arrow. The adventurers break the siege and follow rumors back to the Boggard encampment to retrieve hostages, including the Wizard. The assault on the encampment involves much violence, a political revolution, discovery of the influence of a black dragon on the events and the retrieval of both the hostages and a black dragon egg filled with Kyuss Worms.

Quotes I have missed since the last time I recorded our nonsense.

(Missing his spot check to see several bags of cookies open, and on the table.) Damon: “Why does it smell like cookies?”



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