The Three Winds: Pathfinder Chronicles

Age of Worms: Session 2

Eyeballs, barfights and OWLLLBEARRRS!

The expedition of the Whispering Cairn continued with various traps discovered and violence done to flying eyeball Aberrations. Amidst the violence, wounds, ill timed curiosity and such; Damon’s character pieces together that the entire complex is a grave site possibly attached to a temple devoted to the Wind Dukes of someplace or other.

Furthermore inspection of a disturbed grave site leads to a humiliating defeat at the hands of local ruffians in a seedy bar, near party TPK.


Jason’s Elf rogue continues to be the most effective in combat and out, disarming nearly every trap (excepting one involving a lead ball spewing American Gladiator style balancing beam contraption) and sneak attacking to great effect.

Cole’s tiefling was able to use tracking, though not to great effect. Also: skill trick whip swinging across aforementioned ballpit to crit slash an aberration (Gracchius’ favored enemy) one series of actions that sum up the entire swashbucklerish build. (Though Jason’s rogue then outdid this entire series with one sneak attack, few levels should even things out a bit.)

Mo’s paladin made great use of lay on hands, her saves are ridiculous and the charging smite into a ghoul was epic despite rolling minimal damage.

Christy’s druid had much wolf tripping action. Also healing spells were cast and heal/nature checks were made to further plot in a decidedly Holmsian manner. Probably the best reason to bring a Druid along for the ride: wild empathy + owlbear cub= 3,000 GP and Russel acting silly for about 5 minutes.

Damon made so many knowledge checks that it’s easy to overlook how useful his spells were. Ray of frost/Sleep/grease/protection from evil abjurer action abounded.

Too many memorable quotes that I didn’t write down.



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